Using the Tasmanian Mark

The Tasmanian Mark may only be used under license from Brand Tasmania, and only in accordance with the Tasmanian Mark – Code of Practice. To use the Mark, you must first complete an application form.

Once your application is approved, you will be supplied sample files in all available formats, shapes, and orientations. Where possible, the Tasmanian Mark should primarily appear in encapsulated format.

In using the Tasmanian Mark, you must adhere to strict guidelines regarding minimum size, spacing, and placement on your product or collateral. The Tasmanian Mark cannot be modified in any way without prior written permission from Brand Tasmania.

Our team will work with you on the best way to use the Tasmanian Mark on your product or service. Once your artwork proof using the mark is approved, you will be provided with the appropriate print-ready file.

Tasmanian Mark - Negative Encaps - SAMPLE
Tasmanian Mark - Negative Encaps

Tasmanian Mark - Positive Encaps - SAMPLE
Tasmanian Mark - Positive Encaps

The Tasmanian Mark colour palette is minimal. So minimal in fact, it just uses black and white. There is a good reason for this though – rather than using brand colour to create moods, create differentiation or attract attention, instead we focus on the use of typographic elements to deliver expression and tell the story.

Using the Tasmanian Mark helps us tell our story, by having a brand that is about what the essence of being Tasmanian is.
Richard, Ashgrove Cheese
Ashgrove Cheese

TasmanianMark-Penguin Beer Co-11
Penguin Beer Co.

Rhuby Delights

"Our customers really love it when they see the mark. It tells them it’s not just a Tasmanian product, but it has all those values of what it means to be a Tasmanian business — the quality and the craftsmanship."

The Fudge A'Fare
2023 Tasmanian Mark - Profile - FudgeAFare
Cripps Nubake
Cripps Nubake

Fudge A'Fare
Fudge A'Fare

Tasmanian Logo
READY TO APPLY? Prepare the necessary documentation and information required to support your application — including design proofs and/or descriptions of how the Tasmanian Mark will be used — and submit your application using our online form.