The Tasmanian Mark

Tasmanian producers are passionate about making quality products and providing services that meet the needs of consumers locally, nationally and internationally.

The Tasmanian Mark operates as a ‘place of origin’ marker and is part of a targeted effort to differentiate Tasmanian products and services in local, national and international markets, and to derive more value for everything Tasmanian.

Tasmania is the place. Tasmanian represents the people and what they do.

When our customers see the Tasmanian Mark, I feel that they sense that this has come from a place where things are real. The place we live in, and the attitude of Tasmanians.
Damian, Hunter Island Whisky

The Tasmanian Mark may only be used under license from Brand Tasmania, and only in accordance with the Tasmanian Mark – Code of Practice.

Brand Tasmania helps Tasmanians express the Tasmanian brand — at all levels of government, in business, and across the community. Our purpose is to bring more value to everything Tasmanian.

In 2019 Brand Tasmania developed the Tasmanian Mark as a way to help identify products and services made or substantially transformed here in Tasmania. Our aim was to create something simple, elegant and easy to recognise: Tasmanian.

Tasmanian Logo
READY TO APPLY? Prepare the necessary documentation and information required to support your application — including design proofs and/or descriptions of how the Tasmanian Mark will be used — and submit your application using our online form.